The Buck Behind the Fear – Horror at The Movies


Horror movies are a loved part of the entertainment industry. It is a genre that everyone loves and looks forward to. Many movies have been made since that first movie was showcased on the silver screens. Most films from the olden days were romance stories or tragedies; it wasn’t until 1896 that the first horror movie was released. People were thoroughly enamored with the genre and flocked to the cinemas for the experience of fear. In the modern world, horror movies are considered to be one of the most captivating and most inventive pieces of cinema, with an exception for the bad horror movies. However, making a horror movie isn’t simple. It is not something that you can grab and throw together over the weekend. Making a horror movie is complex and is all about timing the tricks and scares that must be introduced at the right times in the film. With decades of horror movies to use as information, directors are now experts in the art of scaring the living daylights out of the audience.

How Do They Scare

Directors have found that objects that cause general uneasiness to an audience are the best object that they can use in a horror movie. An example of an object that causes anxiety in most people around the world is a mirror. The use of these objects is so common in scary movies that it is scarce for there to be a horror movie without it. In a horror movie, multimedia is essential. The aspects of a horror movie that contribute to the scary factor includes the music, effects, and direction. Majority of music used in horror movies are tense and utilize children’s music to strike fear to those who listen to it.

Negative Spaces

One of the many techniques that horror movies use to scare the audience is the use of negative spaces. These places can include a motel that has more shadows than light sources, or a neighborhood that is very quiet and no one acts like an average person. The balance between negative space and positive plays a significant role in the reaction of the audience. If there is an imbalance between the two, the audience tends to become more alert and wary, as if expecting something to happen.


This type of sound is not something that affects you through hearing but rather through feeling. Since a human being can not listen to it, profoundly unsettles individuals. This tone of sound which exists under 19Hz affects the body. It is usually prevalent during tsunamis and earthquakes which according to instinct is very unsettling to any creature. One of the most memorable movies that used infrasound below 20Hz is paranormal activity. The tone was used to freak out audiences when they were watching oscillating cameras and empty hallways.

Irregular Movements

When it comes to confronting the bad guy in a horror movie, the audience usually finds themselves witnessing a scene where there is something wrong in the way that the ghost moves. This technique in a horror movie is considered to be one of the most specific and most unsettling parts of a scary movie. This technique consists of the supernatural entity, walking or moving in a way that a normal being is not supposed to move. An example of these irregular movements is shown in the horror movie, Mama. The ghost in this movie is known to walk with an animalistic gait, which makes the entity seem less human and eviler.