Horror Film Festivals



First up we have the London based film festival known as ‘FrighFest’. This is an entire weekend devoted to horror movies that began in the year 2000. It was started by a film producer named Paul McEvoy, Alan Jones who’ a journalist, a film distributer named Ian Rattray and Greg day, a film and television PR. These four still run the festival today. Throughout the even a wide variety of new horror films are shown in a number of cinemas in the centre of London. The festival has also seen a host of filmmakers making appearances, people like Rob Zombie, Guillermo Del Toro and John Landis to name a few.


Screamfest Horror Film Festival finds its home quite fittingly in Hollywood. Founded in 2001, the festival runs over 10 days every October and shows a wide range of new American and international horror movies. Films like Paranormal Activity, 30 Days of Night and The Grudge all got their premieres at this major event. The festival also offers out a series of awards for entrants named the ‘Skull Award’, these cover all aspects of movie making and believe it or not are shaped like a skull.

Sitges Int. Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia

This Spanish film festival was established in 1968 and is arguably the number one genre film festivals in the world. Again this takes place in the month of October (the spookiest of all months) though this time it finds its home in the city of Barcelona. Maria Awards are offered here for the films on show and it’s one of the best places for upcoming filmmakers to get their movie noticed.

Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival

Held in Bucheon, South Korea, this festival focuses on Asian and international horror, mystery, thriller and fantasy film. Since its arrival in 1997 it has gone on to become one of the most highly respected festivals of its kind by both industry professionals and audiences alike. This festival isn’t a competitive one however they do offer out a ‘Golden Kebbi’ award for what is considered the best film.

Toronto After Dark Film Festival

This festival has become a fan favourite, it showcases a huge variety of both feature length and short films from North America, Asia and Europe and shows a range of horror, sci-fi, action and cult cinema. It all began in 2006 and has since been voted runner-up film festival in city in a poll held by local cinema customers. Its huge range means that this festival will have something for everyone.

A Night of Horror International Film Festival

Again, founded in 2006, this is Australia’s first ever horror film festival and it’s held in their capital, Sydney. Unlike the others this is held in spring and plays host not only to short and feature length films but also horror themed music videos too. And the differences don’t stop there, this festival has also included some pretty fun (if not terrifying) special events as well. Things like a horror filmmaking forum, a few horror-themed parties and even zombie walks, in which people gather dressed up like the undead and make their way through the streets creeping everyone out. Now that’s truly a night of horror.