Ensuring The Background Music Affects a Horror Movie Experience


Ensuring The Background Music Affects a Horror Movie Experience
Ensuring The Background Music Affects a Horror Movie Experience

Every horror movie has that chilling factor that is delivered to the audience through different film making components. Sound and music play one of the essential parts in instilling fear and a sense of gripping the chair when watching a horror movie. An excellent background score can be just as scary as the onscreen pictures that the audience see. The best background scores have the effect of being related to the horror element that sometimes, even a tribute when used right would be the trendsetter for the scary movies that follow. There is not a single instrument or a genre of film that can be attached to the sounds of fear. A great example is the stringed instruments used in the movie Psycho that might seem ghastly and unpleasant to hear if we hadn’t heard it for the first time in the film Psycho. Now, every time there is the high-strung piece of violin heard, the movie’s visuals are left to the imagination.

Tapping into Psychology

When making a horror movie, always remember to tap into the elements that create a sense of fear in the audience or humans in general. The response to the fear that humans experience is the same no matter where they come from or their culture. For moviemakers to trigger the fear elements, the bass is a crucial thing to consider. When it is timed to interfere with the heartbeat of a human, it can alter their response to the visuals. Some songs that are made by famous musicians have that effect on audiences who go to the concerts. Like in the metal genre, people automatically start bobbing their head and do more than tap their feet because of the response the drum has on their heartbeats.

Including elements of quiet and silence is just as powerful as including sounds and light. When ill-timed and timed silence is used in the music, it tends to interfere with the rhythm of the heart that the audience has become accustomed to throughout the score. This makes the body to go into a panic and instil the fear that something is about to change. Capitalising on sounds and quietness is the key to perfectly timing background score for a horror movie. Having the same rhythm throughout the film does nothing to the audience. The background score has to be attractive, enticing and slow and fast-paced. A melody shows that things are alright and brings the audience to the end of the movie; at least that’s what they have been known to expect.

The Sounds of Silence

Silence is fast becoming a very important and significant part of horror movies. Moviemakers are beginning to use completely quiet sets with no room for background scores and only dialogues. The fear that they have started inducing is more realistic and frightening. However, if you listen carefully, the thumping of a drum is heard faintly in the background. While audiences don’t realise it, their hearts have been tuned to pick up external rhythms, thus making the movie all the scarier yet, natural to them.