Best Horror Movies Ever Made

Horror movies are the best, and in my opinion, there’s nothing better than being curled up on the couch, scared out of your mind. I grew up obsessed with Michael Myers and Candyman. Those movies are my all-time favorite horror films. I have always been a horror film fanatic, and there’s not too many things I enjoy more than eating a big bowl of popcorn while watching people get mauled by a monster. When I am not watching horror films, you can most likely catch me playing at Gamezop or Pokerstarscasino. No matter what I’m doing, though, I always revert back to rewatching my favorite movies, as I never get tired of watching them over and over again. Here’s a list of the best horror movies ever made.

Scary movie

Scary movie


John Carpenter’s Halloween is the best horror movie of all time. Sometimes credited as being the first slasher movie, Halloween is super creepy, but doesn’t have all of the graphic violence that you see in other horror movies. The very first movie aired in 1978 and it easily became the most successful independent movie ever made. The movie, shot in just 20 days, depicts a masked psychopath named Michael Myers who stalks and terrorizes babysitters on Halloween night. Since its debut in 1978, there has been a total of 13 halloween movies made, and each one has sold out shows all across the country. The one thing that makes Halloween stand out from any other horror movie ever made is the iconic theme music. The chilling rhythm is just so creepy and catchy, that it’s impossible to get out of your head. The music has more than likely been played at every Halloween shindig and haunted house ever since it came out.

The Shining

More than just a great horror movie, The Shining is really in a class of its own. It’s actually more of a thriller than a horror movie, but it’s disturbingly scary. The Shining incorporates some supernatural force that manifests itself in a child. Based on the novel by Stephen King, The Shining is one horror movie that lives in your mind long after it is off of your TV screen. The movie follows a family man as he takes on the role of the manager of a hotel that doesn’t do so well during the winter months. The man ends up going crazy and terrorizes his family. There are numerous horrific scenes in the movie and over the years, has caused many superstitious people to never want to stay in a hotel room numbered 237.

The Exorcist

The Exorcist is one of the freakiest, demon-possessed films ever made. Debuting back in 1973, the movie immediately became a cultural phenomenon and earned over $200 million in the United States. The movie is so unpredictable and one of a kind. The Exorcist depicts a demon-inhabited girl, her distressed mother, and two determined priests who try to work their religious magic in order to save her. This movie is an all-time horror favorite for many and will continue to be rewatched for years to come because of how well the actors portray their roles. Entertainment Weekly named The Exorcist as the scariest film of all time and the movie went on to earn ten Academy Award nominations, and won two of them.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Texas Chainsaw Massacre is just as horrifying as its name. The movie takes you on a ride as five young people go on a journey where they find a house that they enter looking for gas, and instead they find death. One of the interesting things about the movie is the fact that it has tons of violence and killing, however, very little of that is shown on screen. The group of friends in the movie are not mean, they don’t break rules, and they aren’t bad people, they just end up being very unlucky. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre ended up being banned in several countries. Several theaters completely stopped showing the movie because of so many complaints that they received staying that the movie had too much violence. Even though the film got mixed reviews, it ended up grossing millions and is easily one of the best horror movies of all time today.

Friday the 13th

No article about great horror movies would be complete without mentioning Friday the 13th. The movie is about a masked monster, Jason Vorhees, who spends his time hunting down and killing friends at an overnight camp. The original film was released in 1980 and immediately took off. To this day, there’s been a total of 11 Friday the 13th films made. These movies are easily still some of the best horror films ever made. There’s no way you can think about summer camp and not think of Camp Crystal Lake. It just goes to show you the impact that the entire franchise of films have had on fans after all of these years.

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