Slutpira is Back with four more tales of horror and schlock from independent cinema!!!

Psycho Vixens
A wiry, nerdish man wages domestic war against a group of satan-worshipping young women who've come to roost in the apartment above his. But little does he know the Satanic whooping they will bring down on him!
Directed by Andrew Shearer
Monica Puller
Stuart Balls
Cookie J. Waters

Songs in the Key of Satan
Enid was a nerd, a mousy loser, a dumpy girl. One day she's threatened for not knowing "punk rock" so she get a guitar and starts jamming. Suddenly Satan appears to her and offers to make her awesome on guitar in exchange for her soul! With Hilarious Results!
Directed by Henrique Couto
Lauren Weeks
Shawn A. Green III
Bob Hinton

Numb Skulls
When a moronic punker girl goes into the woods to borrow a school book she is haunted by the horrific skull that haunts those very woods, now she must stop it the only way she knows how, TRUE LOVE! We're sorry...
Directed by Chris LaMartina
Simone Bazos
Adam Lewis
Dave "It's Saturday" Hong

A Fetal Mistake
After they get distracted and accidentally kill the baby they were hired to watch, two babysitters enlist the help of a necromancer that brings the baby back to life. However, when the baby comes back evil, they discover they've made a mistake (a... fetal mistake? beh-heh) and must take care of it before the body count rises any higher.
Directed by Justin Channell
Zane Crosby
TJ Rogers
Josh Lively
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